Artist in Residence selected for national monument

The Bureau of Land Management and Friends of Organ Mountains–Desert Peaks announces the selection of Gabriella Banegas of Schiedam, The Netherlands, to the Organ Mountains–Desert Peaks National Monument Artist in Residence Program. The program utilizes the artist’s unique skills to depict the historic, cultural, geologic, and plant and wildlife features that provide a deeper understanding of public lands.

The artist will be on Organ Mountains–Desert Peaks National Monument from September 1 – 30, 2017. Banegas will also conduct an interactive community event during her time as Artist in Residence.

Raised in New Mexico, Banegas now resides in the Netherlands but maintains a strong tie to Las Cruces. “I’m super excited to return to New Mexico to be the fall Artist in Residence. I have always been very inspired by the Organ Mountains, but I have always painted them from my studio on the other side of the world. I am very curious to see what kind of magical transformation will happen to my artwork once I get the chance to work in the New Mexican landscape,” she states.

“We are honored to have Gabriella come to Las Cruces to celebrate the National Monument and create works that help us see our beloved desert landscapes from a new and unique perspective,” says Ben Gabriel, executive director of the Friends of Organ Mountains Desert Peaks. “Gabriella will be both the first printmaker, and the first international Artist in Residence for Organ Mountains–Desert Peaks. She brings a unique perspective and we are excited to see the works she creates and her engagement with our community.”

The Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument was established on May 21, 2014. As part of the National Conservation Lands System, the nearly 497,000 acres are some of the West’s most iconic landscapes. The Bureau of Land Management manages the National Monument.

For more information about the Artist in Residence Program, contact Susan Singley at 323-1423 or email Information about artist Gabriella Banegas is available on her website at