Fort Sumner Scientific Balloon Facility explores the cosmos

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | October, 2017 | Travel

When we think of NASA, we usually picture images of massive rockets riding tails of fire from Cape Canaveral or spacecraft soaring past distant planets. But there’s more to NASA than the Cassini spacecraft diving through Saturn’s rings or the Curiosity rover trekking Mars’ ruddy plains. In Fort Sumner, NASA maintains the Scientific Balloon

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Centenary church is all that remains of community of Taiban

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | September, 2017 | Travel

Drive U.S. 60 east of Fort Sumner, and you’ll soon come upon an abandoned church, standing alone in the high desert grasslands of eastern New Mexico. You know the cliché, “If walls could talk ...” Well, maybe in this church in Taiban, they can ... in a way. Visitors, who find the building vacant and exposed, its bell tower gone, doors an

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Discover New Mexico history and lore in Fort Sumner

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | August, 2017 | Travel

By now, most of you know I was born with a wanderlust. I like to point my car in a direction I’ve never before traveled just to see where it goes, what adventures I will encounter. Recently, I journeyed to Fort Sumner, one of New Mexico’s many small towns, yet one steeped in our history and lore. This is where Gen. James Carlton established

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Met staffer wants us to see art as the center of everything

SWS Report | May, 2017 | Travel

"I didn't grow up going to museums; they were not on my radar socially," says Sonoma State University alumna Sandra Jackson-Dumont. "I thought of them as a place I could get a glass of water when we played at Golden Gate Park," she adds, recalling San Francisco's sprawling 1,017-acre park that includes the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum and the C

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Tour the Pima Air and Space Museum in nearby Tucson

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | May, 2017 | Travel

The Pima Air and Space Museum, located in Tucson, is the third largest collection of airplanes, behind the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington and the Museum of the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. Walking through the hangers and parking lots of the museum, you might not discover the story of how it came to be. It

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White Sands Monument hosts annual Full Moon Bike Ride

SWS Report | April, 2017 | Community Calendar, Travel

White Sands National Monument is the largest gypsum sand dune in the world and lies between Las Cruces and Alamogordo to the east. It provides a wealth of recreation activities, plus numerous special events, such as this month’s Full Moon Bike Ride and next month’s Full Moon Night. Daily Sunset Strolls Enjoy a leisurely one-hour ranger-guid

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Vast desert accessible through Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | April, 2017 | Travel

The Sonora desert is the same and yet very different than the Chihuahua desert here in Southern New Mexico. Desert is desert. Right? What appears to distinguish the Sonoran from our Chihuahuan is its keystone plant, the saguaro cactus. To learn about the saguaro and the natural history of the desert, I journeyed to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Muse

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SWEC offers Back by Noon outings to explore region

SWS Report | April, 2017 | Community Calendar, Travel

The public is invited to join the Southwest Environmental Center on an outing, Up Close with the Border Wall. The April 8th outing is part of the Southwest Environmental Center’s spring 2017 Back by Noon Series. Participants will meet at 8 a.m. at the SWEC parking lot on Water Street behind the office. At 17 feet high and constructed of heavy

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Ringling Circus Museum transports people back to yesteryear

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | March, 2017 | Travel

If you’re as old as I am, when you hear the word circus, you recall the sounds of the midway and the calliope; the smells of elephants, camels, and horses in the menagerie. Close your eyes and see again the aerialists high above the center ring, the midget doing tricks on horseback, and Weary Willie sweeping up a spot of light. In my winter tr

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Wildlife and wonder abound in Florida’s Six Mile Cypress Slough

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | February, 2017 | Travel

In Florida’s marshes, swamps, and sloughs, the most significant invasive species is the human being. Seven billion people have to live somewhere, and many — not the entire seven billion — have chosen to live in Florida. Many residents want to and work at preserving nature, since it not only brings pleasure but also contributes critical ecolog

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