Fort Bowie sleeps quietly in history-rich Apache Pass

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | December, 2016 | Travel

I am standing on the highest point in the old wagon road that meandered through Apache Pass, a low divide separating the Dos Cabezas Mountains from the Chiricahua Mountains, 30 miles west of the New Mexico border. I’m in a meadow where once stood Fort Bowie. The sun is bright, but the heat of summer is gone. It’s pleasant here, but it wasn’t

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Dragon’s Eye Tavern at RenFaire features local beer and wine

Cheryl Fallstead (SWS Editor) | November, 2016 | Travel

There’s something for everyone at the 45th Annual Renaissance ArtsFaire, sponsored by the Doña Ana Arts Council. When you visit Young Park on November 5 and 6, you can expect great entertainment, lots of delicious food, vendors offering period crafts as well as plenty of contemporary art, and when you need to break from all the fun, the Dragon

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Baltimore’s Fort McHenry still evokes patriotic feelings

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | November, 2016 | Travel, Uncategorized

We call it the War of 1812, and it’s notable for the British torching of the White House in 1814 and Andrew Jackson’s battle in New Orleans two weeks after the Treaty of Ghent allegedly ended hostilities that December. But perhaps its most famous battle occurred in Baltimore on September 13 and 14 in 1813. We know it from the poetic lines:

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Visitors experience life at sea on Historic Ships of Baltimore

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | October, 2016 | Travel

We’ve all been to museums — climate controlled buildings displaying artwork and historic artifacts on walls and in display cases. It would seem totally untenable for a museum to subject its exhibits to year around weather conditions. But that’s exactly what happens at Historic Ships in Baltimore, a maritime museum located in the Inner Harbor.

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Fall is here, so it’s time to head to Riverbend for a hot soak

Cheryl Fallstead (SWS Editor) | September, 2016 | Travel

Now that the weather is finally cooling, you may find yourself considering a drive north to visit Truth or Consequences for a soak in the soothing mineral hot springs. If you are a fan of Riverbend Hot Springs, you’ll be happy to know that their expansion project is complete and you have several more public and private pools from which to choose.

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Put Baltimore’s festive Inner Harbor on your bucket list

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | September, 2016 | Travel

We live in a world of sand and creosote bush, rugged mountains and open sky. But there’s another place people often desire to visit — the world of water. There are wild rivers, tranquil lakes, and vast expanses of oceans. There is also Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, a once decrepit, decaying waterfront reinvented into what Baltimore now calls its

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Monuments-To-Main-Street expands fall’s festive activities

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | August, 2016 | Travel

It’s the end of summer. It’s the harvest. It’s time for fun and frivolity. When the heat dissipates, Las Cruces comes out to play, and this year there will be ever so much more to entertain and inform. If the Hatch Chile Festival, Las Cruces Corks & Kegs Wine and Beer Festival, Dies y Seis de Septiembre Fiesta, and Salsafest! weren’t enough

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NMSU plans fourth annual Ride for 4-H Clover motorcycle tour

Darrell J. Pehr (NMSU Writer) | August, 2016 | Community Calendar, Travel

Participants will experience the thrill of riding among some of New Mexico’s most dramatic settings, from colorful geologic formations at Abiquiu to the forests of Red River. They’ll also have a chance to learn about New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station Extension and outreach activities i

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Beat the heat and escape to Durango, Colorado

Cheryl Fallstead (SWS Editor) | August, 2016 | Features, Travel

Sometimes the summer heat in Las Cruces makes you want to pack up and visit someplace cooler any place cooler! In July, I visited a spot that not only has a more temperate summer climate, but offers tree-covered mountains, a vibrant river, historic buildings, and lots to do: Durango, Colorado. I went there with my friend Kelle Hoskins to take pa

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Our New Mexico Heritage: Beale’s camels could have changed the way the West was won

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | July, 2016 | Travel

Visit El Moro National Monument near Grants and you’ll find the name P. Gilmer Breckinridge carved in Inscription Rock. Except for its remarkable typography, there’s nothing unusual about the inscription; the soft, sandstone cliff has hundreds of petroglyphs and names carved in it, including Juan de Oñate. Breckenridge traveled with Lieuten

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