Win a trip to see the Jornada Bat Cave at Armendaris Ranch

SWS Report | July, 2016 | Travel

The Jornada Bat Cave on Ted Turner's expansive Armendaris Ranch may be the best-kept ecological secret in the southwest. During the summer months approximately 1.6 million bats pour out of an ancient half mile long lava tube just after sunset where many hawks and falcons gather to prey on the emerging bounty. The bats form pulsing synchronized wave

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Our New Mexico Heritage: Taos’ John Dunn was a legend

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | June, 2016 | Travel

“I’ve lived through the most dramatic period of history the West will ever see.” So said John Dunn in an interview he gave to J. Hogg in 1930. The interview is part of Max Evans’ book, Long John Dunn of Taos — From Texas Outlaw to New Mexico Hero. Visit Taos today and you’ll find the John Dunn Bridge, along county highway B6. You’l

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Three Rivers Petroglyph Site makes a great day trip destination

Cheryl Fallstead (SWS Editor) | May, 2016 | Travel

Less than two hours from Las Cruces is a spot rich with history carved into the desert rocks. Three Rivers Petroglyph Site has over 21,000 of the carvings made by the Jornada Mogollon over 600 years ago. It is a spot my husband, Brian, and I have long talked about visiting, but for some reason we just never made it out there. On a windy spring d

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A visit to Capulin Volcano is like tweaking a sleeping giant

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | May, 2016 | Travel

Volcanism is evident nearly everywhere you travel in New Mexico. Some places it’s more evident than others. Capulin volcano is one of the more obvious places. Travel about 30 miles southeast from Raton toward Clayton and you’ll drive through a volcanic field of about 100 volcanoes that formed nine million years ago. Most of the volcanoes ble

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Be a kid again on a winter excursion to Albuquerque’s BioPark

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | February, 2016 | Features, Travel

A catchy syncopated tune dances between my ears and I hear Ringo Starr sing his song: “I’d like to be under the sea in an octopus’s garden in the shade...” We desert-dwellers are a long way from the sea, but we can still watch an octopus engage in its curiously intellectual antics. I’m talking about the Aquarium in Albuquerque’s Bio-

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Winter 2016 promises to be a great season for recreation

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | January, 2016 | Features, Travel

Winter in Las Cruces usually means the Organ Mountains occasionally look like powdered sugar has been sifted along the ridge line. Under the effect of the current El Niño, driving the jet stream across the southern tier states, we can expect stormy weather — meaning more than usual cloudy skies and rain. Farther north, that translates into some

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Scenic Palo Duro Canyon surprises visitors in many ways

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | November, 2015 | Features, Travel

Two hundred fifty years ago, the land I’m traveling across had no ranch houses, no corrals, no windmills or fences. The is the Llano Estacado — the Staked Plains. The Spanish named it that. When crossing this undulating grassland, they drove stakes every league or so, so they could find their way home. The only landmark was the caprock escarpme

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Lonely Planet picks New Mexico

SWS Report | November, 2015 | Features, Travel

Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel media company and guidebook publisher, recently released its annual “Best in Travel” picks, naming New Mexico number four of the World’s Best Value Destinations. The only United States destination included in the Best Value list, "New Mexico is already a no-brainer for budget-conscious travelers

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Chesapeake Bay offers absorbing adventures, tantalizing tastes

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | October, 2015 | Features, Travel

It’s late summer. The air is hot and heavy. Perspiration beads like tiny pearls on my arms and sticks my shirt to my body. “He’s not in the desert,” you say. Right. I’m on the banks of the Miles River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, and this is the second stop of my Chesapeake Bay Adventure. The first stop was in traffic wait

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SWEC’s Back-by-Noon outings are back for fall

SWS Report | October, 2015 | Community Services, Travel

Like to hike and explore the region? Then you’ll want to peruse the fall schedule of offerings from the Southwest Envrironmental Center for their Back by Noon Saturday morning guided natural history outings. The walks showcase unique natural features of the Las Cruces/El Paso area, including lesser-known aspects of the new Organ Mountains-Desert

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