New local company to distribute indy films

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | October, 2015 | Features, Travel

Independent filmmakers need a few things to make a film. They need a script, a production company with cameras and tons of gear, actors, and a distribution channel. Until now, independent filmmakers have faced an often insurmountable hurdle when it came to getting their work in front of audiences — finding a distributor who would promote the film

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Travel Tangent: Gutiérrez-Hubble house reinvented as educational center

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | September, 2015 | Travel

Sometimes I just have to get off the beaten path for an adventure. I left I-25 just west of the Rio Grande near Albuquerque and headed north on Isleta Boulevard. There were surprises in store for me. The first was a sign that told me I was on El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro. I don’t know about you, but I’m always excited to find another seg

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Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks are a fantastical whimsy of nature

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | September, 2015 | Features, Travel

I’ve chosen the longest day of the year to visit Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks, about 30 miles southwest of Santa Fe — a BLM-managed national monument on the lands of the Cochiti Pueblo. The sun burns the land as only a nuclear furnace can. The welded volcanic ash cliffs absorb the heat and reflect it. The “official” temperature may be 102, b

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SWEC’s Back-by-Noon outings are back for fall

| September, 2015 | Community Services, Travel

Like to hike and explore the region? Then you’ll want to peruse the fall schedule of offerings from the Southwest Envrironmental Center for their Back by Noon Saturday morning guided natural history outings. The walks showcase unique natural features of the Las Cruces/El Paso area, including lesser-known aspects of the new Organ Mountains-Desert

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NM True Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail named top food trail

SWS Report | September, 2015 | Features, Travel

The New Mexico Tourism Department recently announced that its New Mexico True Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail has been honored with the top spot in the “Best Food Trail” category by USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards. Beating out 19 other tough contenders like the Mississippi Seafood Trail, Oregon Cheese Trail and Arizona Salsa Tra

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Cahokia Mounds reveal complex society

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | September, 2015 | Features, Travel

It’s early morning. There’s a heavy dew. The air carries the musky scent of late summer, while thick grass smells sweet from its recent cutting. Emerald dragon flies dart about, chasing each other or perhaps a meal. To the west, the Gateway Arch rises between the Mississippi and St. Louis. It’s rush hour there and undoubtedly noisy. Where

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Tinkertown Museum presents a whimsical handmade world

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | August, 2015 | Features, Travel

I’ve driven the Turquoise Trail along the east side of the Sandias a half-dozen times over the last ten years. I had seen the sign for Tinkertown Museum but paid it no mind. That is until this year’s New Mexico Press Women Conference where Tanya Ward Goodman won the Zia Book Award for her memoir, Leaving Tinkertown. You see, Tanya — daught

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SWEC talk focuses on hidden treasures of White Sands

SWS Report | July, 2015 | Community Calendar, Travel

Encompassing more than 3200 square miles of mountains and desert in the Tularosa Basin, White Sands Missile Range is the largest military installation in the U.S. and home to an impressive variety of wildlife, natural habitats and cultural sites that are rarely glimpsed by the public. Attend a special presentation at the Southwest Environmental

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Truth or Consequences spaceport visitor center opens

Keith Whelpley (SWS Publisher) | July, 2015 | Features, Travel

Under the fattened clouds of Sierra County’s approaching monsoon season, the quirky southern New Mexican city of Truth or Consequences took its first shot at space tourism. Last month, away from rocket scientists and billionaires, space-age structures and spacecraft, town leaders gathered in front of an historic building to cut the ribbon on i

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Petrified Forest is like picture book written in a foreign language

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | July, 2015 | Travel

Tall conifers stand in stately copses. Ferns follow meandering rivers across the land to the sea. Occasional floods undermine trees and wash them into jumbled piles on floodplains, where eroded sediments cover them. That may be as good a description as any of how Petrified Forest National Park, halfway between Gallup and Flagstaff, came to be, e

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