Grants museum simulates underground uranium mine

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | July, 2015 | Features, Travel

I’m standing in an underground uranium mine in Grants in northwestern New Mexico. I took an elevator to get here. The tunnel before me is about eight feet square. It’s dusty gray-white in color. The ceiling is supported by wooden beams. There are stone support pillars miners have left as they excavated the tunnel. Pipes carrying compressed a

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Time-tested travel tips to smooth out any bumps in your road

Elaine Stachera | June, 2015 | Features, Travel

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there are plenty of ways to make your time away from home a pleasant adventure rather than a trip filled with unexpected bumps in the road. For those who ride the roads, fly the skies, and call hotels home for too many nights in a year, there are some simple ways to ease a bit of the stress of

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Casas de Antaño tour focuses on historic Garrison house

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | June, 2015 | Travel

If walls in an old building could talk, what tales they might tell. As it is, they’re silent. That’s why Mesilla Valley Preservation (MVP) organizes and conducts its Casas de Antaño or Houses of Yesteryear tours. This year’s fifth annual tour, held May 10, focused on a single property, the Winfred E. Garrison house in Mesilla Park, and MV

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Sombra Antigua Winery offers homey atmosphere

Cassie McClure (SWS Writer) | June, 2015 | Features, Travel

If you race either direction on the I-10 corridor to get to either wine or beer fests in the outskirts of Las Cruces or in El Paso, you might be missing the chance at sitting in the warm breeze of a vineyard nestled in the dry backlands of the older Las Cruces to El Paso highway. If you want to sit next to the grapevines which produced the wine in

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Painted Desert Inn sustains its role as an oasis for travelers

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | May, 2015 | Features, Travel

If you’ve ever been to the Petrified Forest National Park, you know it’s in the middle of nowhere in east central Arizona. Flagstaff is a hundred miles to the west and Gallup eighty miles to the east. Only the small town of Holbrook, at a distance of twenty miles, could be considered close. In the 1920s, even twenty miles seemed far. Still p

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Sierra Club’s hike schedule includes state-wide locations

SWS Report | May, 2015 | Community Calendar, Travel

The Sierra Club welcomes members and non-members to their hikes, with locations around the state. Perhaps you can plan a trip around a special hiking opportunity. Saturday, May 2: Easy hike to Glorieta Ghost Town, about seven miles and 950-foot gain. Marcia Skillman, (505) 699-3008, Saturday May 2: GPS class — In

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El Malpais offers a dark, volcanic wonderland for visitors

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | April, 2015 | Travel

Most people, who know anything about New Mexico’s natural history, know it had volcanic episodes. The Potrillo Mountains southwest of Las Cruces are volcanic cones, as is Aden Crater and Picacho. Nearby Kilbourne Hole is another remnant of that history. However, the best place to explore New Mexico’s fiery past is El Malpais National Monumen

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El Morro Inscription Rock is a history book carved in stone

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | April, 2015 | Features, Travel

For centuries, the only water between Acoma and Zuni, a distance of about 100 miles, was a cistern-like basin filled by rain and snowmelt running down the face of a bluff we know as El Morro. For centuries, people pausing for water inscribed their names and symbols in the soft sandstone. So many left their mark in the rock, the bluff reads like

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El Tovar Hotel earns reputation as the “Grand Dame of South Rim”

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | March, 2015 | Travel

In 1540, Garcìa Lopez de Cárdenas was dispatched by Coronado to explore a great river the Spanish conquistador had heard about. Soon, he stood upon the south rim of an immense canyon. He is credited as the first European to see Grand Canyon. Others followed, notably Francisco Tomás Garcés, a Spanish missionary, and John Wesley Powell, who tr

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Grand Canyon in winter: It’s more than you can imagine

Bud Russo (SWS Writer) | March, 2015 | Features, Travel

It’s a short walk from the visitors center to Mather Point. Until that time, you don’t see the canyon. But walk a hundred yards of so and you’re on the rim. Grand Canyon expands before you from horizon to horizon — not just physical aspects, but emotional and … dare I say it … spiritual dimensions as well. It’s an awe-inspiring view,

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