Denise Chávez teaches short story workshop

A good story is a gift. To be able to share a story about something familiar, profound, or memorable is a blessing. Author Denise Chávez will offer a short story workshop that focuses on that story you have been waiting to tell … and share. The public is invited to gather those meaningful stories, which in turn, can be shared with others. A story that holds it weight in the world is invaluable.

The workshop takes places Saturday, December 9, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Casa Camino Real, 314 South Tornillo Street. The cost is $75.

Writers of all ages and backgrounds are invited to bring a story idea (or two or three) or an actual story to work on, as well as photos and mementos that in turn, can be gifted to others in this time of giving. Bring your mother’s blue vase and know it’s time to give it and the story it inspires to your sister. Honor your grandmother, the challenges of her immigrant life, and share her story with your family. And more than that, allow yourself the time and space to learn how to transmit and share story. The workshop is interactive, dynamic and will allow writers to take giant leaps into those stories they have been holding close.

Denise Chávez is a performance writer, novelist, playwright, teacher and cultural activist born in Las Cruces. A true child of La Frontera, Chávez’s books include “The King and Queen of Comezón,” “A Taco Testimony: Meditations on Family, Food and Culture,” “Loving Pedro Infante,” “Face of An Angel,” and a short story collection, “The Last of the Menu Girls.” She is the owner and bookseller at Casa Camino Real Bookstore on the historic Camino Real.

Chávez’s short story, “Big Calzones,” has become a loved Christmas staple and is replayed yearly on Latino USA.

For more information about Casa Camino Real, call 523-3988 or e-mail