Jackye Meinecke offers gardening classes at Mountain View Market

Learn to create a safe and inviting habitat for a desert box turtle
Learn to create a safe and inviting habitat for a desert box turtle
Whether you’ve gardened in the Southwest for life or are a newcomer, there always is more to learn to succeed in the garden. Jackye Meinecke (former owner of Enchanted Gardens and local gardening expert) will be conducting gardening classes on Saturdays now through May at 2 – 3 p.m. in the Community Room of Mountain View Market Co-op, 1300 El Paseo Road. The cost for each class is $10 cash per person; $8 for co-op members. Reservations preferred; e-mail gardens@zianet.com or call 323-0903 to sign up. Here is the schedule for spring classes:

February 20: Composting in the Desert
Creating compost in our dry environment has its own challenges. Learn the details of making and maintaining compost.

February 27: Creating a Garden in a Small Space
Learn tricks and guidelines to create an oasis in a small space. From garden room to raised vegetable garden, make the most use of the space you have available.

March 5: Organic Vegetable Gardening
Grow your own produce with skills adapted to Southwest gardening. From soils to plants, learn what you need for a successful vegetable garden.

March 19: Create a Hummingbird Habitat
Attracting these jeweled birds requires more than hanging a syrup feeder. Turn your garden into a paradise for hummingbirds.

March 26: Bees & Butterflies for Bounty and Beauty
The best gardening practices create an environment beneficial to bees and butterflies. Discover the joys and benefits of perennial flowers to invite these insects into your garden.

April 2: Growing Flowers &Vegetables in Pots
Plan for summer color and produce in pots. From soil to planting, pick up the skills for container gardening.

April 16: Succulents for Landscapes & Pots
Select hardy varieties of succulents that survive in the landscape. Also discover more tender succulents for decorative pots.

April 30: Native and Xeriscape Gardening
From water collection to native plants, discover the beauties of Southwest gardening.

May 21: Creating Desert Box Turtle Habitat
Adjusting a garden to host tortoises (desert box turtles) can be fun, educational and beneficial.