Musicians from Netherlands embrace American music

Denise Marie and Marcel Koster will perform at the Black Box Theatre August 31. Courtesy photo.
Denise Marie and Marcel Koster will perform at the Black Box Theatre August 31. Courtesy photo.
From the Netherlands, duo Denise Marie and Marcel Koster will be performing at the Black Box Theatre, 430 N. Downtown Mall in Las Cruces, on Sunday, August 31, at 7 p.m. They play original Americana, Blues and Euro-Swing; guitar, accordion, percussion and harmony vocals. She’s a finger-picker and song-writer from way back and he can swing with the best of the Dutch accordion players.

Denise lived in New Orleans, New Mexico and upstate New York before meeting her now-husband and music partner Marcel Koster while on tour in Holland in 2007. Denise Marie was born with a gypsy soul. At sixteen she bid adieu to the upstate New York farm and moved to the Wild West of Santa Fe where she befriended hippies, cowgirls, Indians and studied jazz guitar. But when she learned to finger-pick, the blues a whole new universe of possibilities opened up.

In 1995 she moved to the center of music, New Orleans, where she was encouraged to perform the original songs she had hidden in an old shoe box. There she embraced trumpets, saxophones, Cuban percussion, violins and well…just about everything to do with music.

She recorded with such legends as Johnny Vidacovich, James Singleton, “Sunpie” Barnes and worked with a long list of talented musicians. By 2005, she had toured in Europe several times and was there when hurricane Katrina blasted old New Orleans. As a result she stayed in Europe for almost two years.

Marcel Koster says he was born with drumsticks in his hands. In school he often found himself tapping on his desk and legs with pencils and hands flying, driving his teachers mad. He played snare drum in the marching band for ten years and finally got an entire drum kit up in the attic, driving his father mad. When he picked up the accordion and began to croon old Dutch classics he was accepted as the musician of the family.

Marcel has played with such Dutch legends as Johnny Hoes, Joke Bruijs, Gerard Cox, Pierre van Duijl, Kees Korbijn, Philip Kroonenberg, Peter te Bos, Federique Spigt and Arthur Ebeling. Marcel has toured in Russia, China, Europe and the United States. Now he plays in several bands and as a duo with his wife.

Like the small country where they live, they are known for creating a cozy atmosphere on stage. For more information about their music:

For information about the show, go to no-strings. org. Admission is $10. Reservations can be made by calling 523-1223