Numerology: ancient study, keeping pace with modern times

Remember those “golden years” — when people sat around rocking on the front porch? It they do so now, their laps are probably filled with their laptops. Never in the past have so many people been making life changes and “reinventing” themselves or beginning second lives or even third careers. “New,” “improved,” or “changed” are concepts with which we are all familiar. Even the ancient study of Numerology has been improved by the introduction of a new number relevant to the over-forty population which helps making life changes easier.

The study of Numerology, has always been based on the premise that your name and birthday vibrate to particular frequencies, if you understand those frequencies, you will understand your life plan and purpose and chart out the timing of your life cycles: your personal almanac. Your full name at birth (called the Destiny number) and your birth date (called the Birthpath number) represent the two driving forces in life. Somewhere between ages 40 to 50 (which can be personally pinpointed) these two numbers combine. When this occurs, the Attainment number is created.

With it, the Birthpath, Destiny, and Attainment form a triangle of energy with the Attainment number at the apex defining the direction of your life’s expansion and clarifies your evolutionary plan — in other words, the Attainment explains where your name and birthday have been propelling you — pointing the direction for the greatest use of our talents, abilities, life experiences and results in realistic later life planning and goal setting. Regardless of our age, Numerology still encourages us on to fulfill our life plan and purpose.

This information was not really useful until today’s emphasis on fitness, healthy longevity, and the medical breakthroughs. Our consciousness has actually shifted in regard to what is possible in later years. (Two outstanding books among the myriad on the market are How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life by Mark V. Hanson and Art Linkletter, who was still having sex with his wife in his 90s, and The Creative Age by Gene Cohen, M.D., (who states that while our bodies decline, our creativity continues to grow.)

Although there are numerous Numerological analysis systems in use around the world, the best known is the Pythagorean. Although its based loosely on some of the principles of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras (600B.C), the system was actually developed in the early years of the 20th century. A reliable guide, Numerology lays out your personal map and indicates the best route, your inherent pitfalls, and your special abilities to handle your life.

Many people spend their lives wondering who they are and what their life is about, while that information is carried with them. Each time people write their names or birthday, they are sharing this personal information with anyone who knows how to read it. We don’t really have “a number.” Humans are far too complicated to be explained with only one number. Many numbers are needed. Dr. Carl Jung called them archetypes, in Numerology we call them numbers.

Understanding your numbers can empower you with greater peace of mind, harmony and acceptance of yourself, more confidence in making changes or restructuring your life. A complete reading of your name and birthday can explain personality and behavioral traits, inner conflicts, past lives, and talents and abilities of which you may not be aware. In ancient times, Numerology was practiced in secret societies and mystery schools. Now, it can be obtained free on the internet, but those seeking guidance need to be discriminating and work with people they trust. Free is generic and you get what your pay for.

With the success of the Harry Potter books and movies, and Star Wars and the Steven Spielberg films, many may not realize that occult studies and the “esoteric” have become part of our everyday lives. Throughout various countries using various systems, Numerology has been with us for around 11,000 years. Rightly so, for numbers reflect a divine order in the universe. No one is ever is too old to benefit from having a better understanding of his/her life or the confirmation that comes with knowing that the changes you want to make, are part of your life plan.

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