Photos from Women’s Marches in New Mexico and Washington, D.C.

Womens Marches

Women and men, seniors and children from Las Cruces attended marches around the state and in our nation’s capitol on January 21. Almost 1,600 participants were counted in Las Cruces, up to 15,000 in Santa Fe, 6,000 in Albuquerque, and about 500,000 in Washington D.C. Linda Harris of Las Cruces marched here in town and said, “The Women’s March was everything I love about living here. The whole day had an organic, joyous feel. We stood in ragged rows facing the stage, talking among ourselves, taking in the sun. Without fanfare a thousand of us began the march, navigating the narrow sidewalk circling downtown, talking and watching our steps. I was honored to be part of this community, among people who care about each other.” Georjeanna Feltha marched here as well and said, “It really was an important day, a day we all came together for the common good.” Jean Berlowitz and Eileen VanWie attended the march in Washington D.C. Berlowitz said, “I can honestly say that I have not before nor do I expect ever again to be a part of so much positive energy and human kindness.”