Purrs ’n’ Boots raises funds to save kittens

purrs and bootsDon’t miss your chance for an evening of barbecue and boot scootin’. Purrs ’n’ Boots, an annual fundraiser for Project Save a Kitten, will be held at the Alameda House on Saturday, April 11. The evening will feature country western dance music by the Neal McCowan Band, along with a barbecue buffet, cash bar, and some extravagant raffle prizes for a full evening of entertainment. Tickets are $50 each or $90 for a couple. Tickets will be available starting around the middle of March at Better Life Pet Food and Lulu Elements for Living.

Volunteers and supporters of Project Save a Kitten are already prepared for another kitten season. This project, begun in 2012, rescues kittens and cats by making them more visible in local businesses and in the two adoption facilities (Cat’s Meow and APA Furrever Home Education & Adoption Center).

In the first year, this dedicated group managed to rescue more than 100 kittens from the Mesilla Valley Animal Services Center and the public. Last year our efforts resulted in more than 400 kittens finding homes. As we begin the project in 2015, we will continue to increase the rescues and adoptions to the point that no adoptable kittens are euthanized in Doña Ana County.

All of this comes with a high price tag. To take a kitten from ASCMV to the time its adopted in a loving home takes months and approximately $400 per kitten. Often we must bottle-feed kittens for weeks with formula that costs more than $20 per can. Then we must provide medical services from regular booster shots to medicines for diseases to the spay or neuter process. Kittens all receive a chip as well. Very little of this expense is covered by the adoption fee.

This year, kittens can be adopted from the following business locations:

Better Life Pet Foods, 365 Avenida de Mesilla; Pet’s Barn, 1600 S. Valley Dr.; Lulu Elements for Living, 1800 Avenida de Mesilla; Doña Ana County Government Center, 845 N. Motel Blvd.; APA Furrever Home Education & Adoption Center, 800 W. Picacho; and Center for Spiritual Living, 575 N. Main, during the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays; and APA FurrEver Homes, 800 W. Picacho. Also, APA takes kittens to their Sunday adoption events at PetSmart and Petco.

Naturally, we would love to have sponsors and donors for Project Save a Kitten. If you would like to rescue a kitten, please send a check payable to APA at P.O. Box 125, Las Cruces, NM 88004.

Project Save a Kitten, Big Kitty Fix and the Cat’s Meow, and Action Programs for Animals join together to sponsor this fundraiser to support all efforts to rescue cats and kittens. The volunteers spend their time and funds rescuing cats of every description from spay and neuter clinics, to medical care, to adoption. You can help us continue the efforts with your sponsorship, donation, or ticket purchase.

Jackye Meinecke is a freelance writer and animal volunteer with the Coalition for Pets & People, as well as the various cat rescue groups.