Unitarian Universalist Church continues roundtable series

Because they feel education never ends, the Unitarian Universalist Church hosts weekly roundtable discussions. Their goal is to learn more about all sides of issues and more about each other. For more information, email roundtable@uuchurchlc.org .

February 5: It Takes A Village: Seven actions you can take to lift NM public education out of 49th. Presented by Dr. Jose Garcia, former secretary of higher dducation, State of New Mexico

In the US, we now have the tools to compare student learning in classrooms, school districts, the state, and the nation. What we know is that in New Mexico student learning on the whole is among the bottom two or three in the nation. In this talk, Dr. Garcia will present seven concrete steps citizens can take to improve learning outcomes in public education. Focus is on creating accountability at all levels, including the legislature and executive branches. If there is time, Dr. Garcia will present a few key things citizens can do to lift higher education out of 49th.

February 12: Community Impact and Education, presented by Frank Rene Lopez, executive director, NGAGE NM

This presentation will discuss how to make change happen by harnessing the power of collective impact. In Doña Ana County, our children and students often struggle in school for many reasons — including a lack of financial resources and limited human capacity. Ngage New Mexico serves as a backbone organization for a county wide education initiative. The idea of transforming our community by re-thinking education is possible when community works together. When leaders and organizations are willing to “trust” each other and communicate, amazing things are possible. This presentation will include Ngage work in early childhood education and community schools.

February 19: Coming out of the Closet: The Affirmation of Humanism, presented by Dr. Richard Hempstead, board certified dermatologist

Discuss the principles espoused by the Council for Secular Humanism and initiatives being developed here in Las Cruces to further the Humanist voice at the public policy table. The council advocates and defends a non-religious stance rooted in science, naturalistic philosophy, and humanist ethics and to service and support the adherents of that life stance.

February 26: Exploring Cuba before McDonalds, Hooters, and Starbucks arrive, presented by Elisa Sánchez

Sanchez will share photos and thoughts of her week-long trip to Cuba in January 2017.