Useful Links for Seniors –

Useful Links for Seniors –
Feb 2, 2015 We have compiled a list of highly useful links for senior citizens and others who
are interested in survivorship life insurance or second-to-die …

Bridge at the 2008 World Mind Sports Games

Women bronze playoff. Seniors final match. Seniors final session scorecard. Seniors final deal. Evidently we have play data only for the closed room where

How To Take Great High School Senior Portraits with Jeff CableHow To Take Great High School Senior Portraits with Jeff Cable
Shop at B&H: Jeff Cable Photography: Jeff shows you some of his favorite high school senior portraits and tells you…

I See You, Schemers Use Google Maps For Intimidation
WFMY News 2, on Fri, 27 Feb 2015 15:48:45 -0800
A useful tool … but as with most things, there are people taking advantage and using it for bad. Con men targeted Sharon Hansen's aunt. "They are terrible to these people, to the elderly, they scare them, they have no conscience. They just want money